STORIED A literary, contextual-learning platform. I created the brand, set the content strategy, wrote a few of the stories, all of the marketing text, and the script for the promotional video.
LanguageWorks A NYC-based full-service translation agency. I did comprehensive branding for the client in advance of its sale to Ubiqus; the brand revamping was crucial to the success of the sale. I also wrote copy across the board: website, print brochures, letter templates, and a Brand ID Guide. Worked closely with a marketing strategist and a graphic designer.
Medex An urgent-care facility in NYC. I summarized the client’s existing brand and created a Brand Identity Guide for employees and third parties.
Agnicore A best-in-class software shop. I encapsulated the founders’ ethos in high-concept, hard-hitting, informative website copy.
mozaic.cc A web startup in stealth mode. I guided the founders to a company/product name that expressed their lofty goals, wrote the website copy, and copy edited their presentation to investors.
TriangleTree A design and product studio offering why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-first, nature-friendly takes on everyday objects. I wrote the copy for the main page, the product pages, and the Kickstarter campaigns.

Inga’s Zigzags A frank, unconventional coming-of-age novel with a distinct Russian flavor.
Moscow to the End of the Line An action-packed tale of expat adventure, decadence, and redemption in ’90s Moscow. Coming in 2021.
A Wall Street Psychologist’s Guide to Mastering the Moneyed Mind A self-help book aimed at achieving balance between money and happiness; by a prominent NYC therapist.
Out of the Red: Diary of a Post-Soviet Investor A history of Russia’s financial sector, 1998-2012, written from the trenches; by the founder of one of the country’s most prominent hedge funds.
Social networks
Word-of-Mouth in the Diffusion of Digital Products in Online Social Networks: Broadcast vs. Peer-to-Peer A cutting-edge work proposing a theory and methods to understand the role of word-of-mouth mechanisms in the adoption of new products.

Nature & travel writing
The Murmansk-Vladivostok Expedition Trophy An illustrated book about the running of what is quite possibly the world’s ultimate 4×4 challenge.
The Barguzin Nature Reserve This illustrated bilingual edition is the most comprehensive exploration yet of Barguzin, which lies on the shores of Lake Baikal and is one of the world’s most unique nature reserves.
Anthropology & cultural studies
Woman Clothed with the Sun: The Source of the Image A groundbreaking study of the image of the female, spanning the entirety of human civilization and focusing particularly on the Book of Revelation.

From Childhood, With Love and Pain A story of improbable survival, tenacity, and overcoming the odds in wartime Ukraine. Buoyed by her father’s love and a refusal to give up, a 12-year-old girl manages to make it through the crucible of the Holocaust while everywhere around her death and brutality reign. Published privately in 2019.

Arts & culture
Fabergé Translated the Sotheby’s catalog for the once-in-a-generation sale of the Forbes collection of Fabergé eggs to Viktor Vekselberg.
ECHR Translated a 200K-word, fluid, sensitive text for an ongoing, high-profile international court case within a month. Selected and managed a team of 11 from Ukraine, Russia, the US, and Canada.
Investor relations Translated the annual reports of some of Russia’s largest blue-chip companies – RAO UES, Severstal, Polymetal, Atomredmetzoloto, et al – as well as hundreds of financial research publications into English. Worked closely with the clients’ DTP departments.